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There are dream dictionaries that have thousands of dream symbols and you may  have seen a few of them online or in the book stores or perhaps you own one or two.   My online version has a smaller number and for the time being I am content to include only the most common dream themes and symbols.   I am doing this to give you some ideas and to serve a point of reference, however, I do not believe that relying on someone else’s version of what your dream means  is in your best interest.   My philosophy is more along the lines of “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish, feed him for life”.   I can tell you what I think it means but it is better for you in the long run if I can show you how to come to your own conclusions by using your definitions rather than my own.

Feel free to take a peek at what I have featured here and use it as food for thought and as practice, however, instead of taking my definition as gospel, try  replacing them with your thoughts and ideas.   This is how you get better and faster at interpreting your own dreams.  Rather than looking to me as a dream interpreter, think of me as your dream guide.

Common Dream Themes:

We are all unique and special, as are our dreams.  As different as we are, there is no denying that we all have similar hopes, fears and wishes.  After many years of  study and  interviewing hundreds of people, here are some of the most common dream themes:


This is one of the more common dream themes, and the popular consensus is that to dream of falling represents fear of losing your position in life, that the bottom will soon drop out or that you will fall from grace, take the fall for someone, fall off the wagon, etc. This can also represent fear of heights. To dream of falling is usually very unsettling to the dreamer.  Unless you are an avid skydiver or rock climber, this dream is not usually a favorite for most!


This dream theme, unlike falling, is usually very pleasurable as most who have this type of dream enjoy the feeling of weightlessness and freedom.  To dream of flying usually means that the dreamer is flying high, soaring to new heights or excelling in some area of life, growing by leaps and bounds, rising above current circumstances.   Rarely, if ever is there a negative association with this theme.


This one is very common!  I think we have all had this one at least once!  I have noticed a few variations on this theme, and it seems to be that the teeth not only become loose and fall out, but often are discolored or have something stuck to them, like gum or some other sticky green or black gooey substance.  This is generally rather distressing for the dreamer, as we all want to look good, and if our teeth are broken or missing or discolored we tend to get more than a little self conscious!  That is the underlying theme here, how we appear to others, our self image.  Perhaps this is a warning from our higher selves to not only practice good oral hygiene but to watch our conduct and refrain from doing anything that might bring public shame to us as well.  To dream of teeth falling out suggest that we think we might not be presenting ourselves in the best light possible, or that there is potential to do so in the near future.


It is of little consequence whether or not the person having this dream is currently attending classes or has long since graduated.  The feeling is generally one of extreme anxiety.   There have been several variations on this theme, being late for an exam, drawing a blank,  not being able to find the classroom, realizing that you are in the wrong classroom.  For those who have this dream, there are usually issues of performance anxiety to contend with.  Fear of failure, of not being able to handle pressures of daily life, feeling ill prepared for the task.  It seems that most people have had this dream at least once, and usually at different stages of  life.  It is not unusual for new parents, new homeowners, recent graduates or anyone entering into a new life phase with increased responsibility to have this type of dream.


I know we all love this one! LOL.  There are variations on this one as well, being in public and appearing either totally or semi-nude.  Sometimes onlookers will gawk at the person who appears naked, other times no one seems to notice.  Hard to say which is more disturbing, being naked and made a spectacle of, or going unnoticed!  Those who have had this dream usually report feeling vulnerable in some area of life, perhaps the dreamer has embarked on a new friendship or love relationship, or fears exposure of some other kind.  If the dreamer is naked and no one notices, that could mean that the dreamer feels “invisible” like no one cares, or that the dreamer is secure in allowing himself to be vulnerable in such a public way.


This dream really seems to get to people.  It can be an omen, a harbinger of impending doom, yet this is so rarely the case.  Death is simply transformation, thus dreaming of one’s own or another’s death is not always foreseeing death in the literal, physical sense of the word. More often than not, it symbolizes the end of one life cycle and the start of another.  This can be indicative of career, relationship, whatever.  Just remember, when you have this dream, you are not killing yourself or someone else off, you are simply about to experience  something old leaving and something new coming in.  If by chance someone does pass soon  after you dream it, that person wanted you to know this, you did not make it happen.  Even if  you harbored secret dislike or resentment for this person, your dream was in no way the cause.


Such a small word and such a huge meaning.  Sex dreams are sometimes just the need for physical release, sometimes expressions of true desires.  And sometimes not.  If you are a woman, and you dream of Channing Tatum or  Matthew McConaughey then it probably  is some type of fantasy or desire.  However, if you dream of  Larry David or Bill Gates, then maybe not.  More likely that you would have admiration for the wealth, intelligence or talent that either of these two men possess, and by dreaming of having  sex with them, you are integrating those aspects unto yourself.  So, conversely, if you dream that you had sex with your brother or grandmother, then you are not being perverted, you are simply stating that there is some quality of that person that you wish to acquire or to develop further.  To dream of having sex with a same sex partner does not mean that you are homosexual (unless, of course, you are) so if you do have such a dream, it may mean that your masculine and feminine energies are out of sync and this “union” is helping to bring balance to them.  If you are homosexual, then the meaning may be slightly different depending on who the subject is.  If it is your brother or grandmother, I would venture to say it has the same meaning as someone who is heterosexual as people do not generally desire their brother or grandmother.  Once again it is always up to the dreamer to determine the true meaning.


We all love this type of dream!  To dream of finding money can mean that you are going to increase your prosperity consciousness, and that changes are on the horizon.  It is  good to notice what denomination the bills appear in, or if there are coins instead of bills. Pay close attention to how the money is presented, does it come to you easily…is it handed    to you, is it wrapped in something or hidden?  Do you have to compromise your values or   to endanger yourself to get it?  Do you see crisp, new bills or are they torn and dirty?  Believe it or not, how the money “appears” to you in your dream is a reflection of how   you regard money as a whole.


Celebrity dreams are fabulous and fun!  Our higher self knows that most of us are  fascinated by celebrities, and messages delivered to us in the dream state via  a celebrity are usually quite powerful!  If you see a favorite celebrity in your dream, the message is probably fairly easy to interpret.  If a celebrity that you are not especially fond of or downright loathe appears, it would behoove you to take a moment and go within.  What is it that you dislike about this person?  Even if it is someone who is very different from you, there has to be something in it for you to know, otherwise, this person would not be  making a special guest appearance in your dream.  That person is telling you something important about YOU, in a very big way!


These characters are not always a welcome sight in our dreams, they often scare us half out of our wits, causing us to wake up in a cold sweat.  However, there is a method to the madness here.  These “monsters” are what is known as our shadow side.  Several books have been written on this subject, and it is a well known fact that what we repress we will express! Hence, these bad boys and girls come out and kick butt  in our dreams.  Sometimes  they destroy things, or chase us.  Fear causes us to run and hide from these ghastly ghouls, however, they are a part of us, and if we remember that, it may make them less menacing.  So, if you can, the next time you encounter one of these creepy night crawlers, just remember that this is a disowned aspect of yourself.  Look at it and listen to what it might have to say to you.  It is there for a reason, other than to scare you.  Really!


These are the dreams that give us a glimpse into the future showing us what will come  or what is potentially coming.  Some things we can prevent from happening, others will happen regardless of what we do.  How do you know if a dream is telling you something about the future?  What you see in the dream usually happens relatively soon after having the dream.  Many people have reported that these dreams seem to be bigger and brighter and feel more real than other types of dreams.  It is a good idea to document them, and if there is a warning given, it is always good to heed it.  Sometimes you will see a fortune teller, palm reader or gypsy as the messenger in this type of dream.


These are the dreams where one is aware that he or she is dreaming.  For example,   you see a fire breathing dragon and you pick up a sword and shield to defend yourself.   Someone is chasing you and you suddenly sprout wings and fly.  To be able to think and act rationally and deliberately is a sure sign of lucid dreaming.  Many books have been written on the subject, and it is something that we all have done and are capable of doing any time we choose!  Practice makes perfect, and the stronger your desire is for lucid dreaming, the more lucid dreams you will have.


These are the dreams that are programmed by you, the dreamer, before sleep.  Think of a question that you have been straining to find the answer for, and then  write it down just before you drift off to sleep.  You will then see your solution to the problem in your dream.  Take heart and have patience, the answers will come.   Sometimes it takes a few days, or even a week, but the information does come through.  You can ask about anything you want; love, money, etc.