We all dream about sex. Do you dream about sex with a celebrity or a stranger? What does it mean to dream about having sex with your boss or a coworker? Do you find yourself dreaming about having sex with someone you do not even like or a family member? Are you dreams kinky and wild? You are not alone and I can guarantee that everyone on this planet has had at least one sex dream even if they do not remember it. So before you go getting yourself all twisted up about this crazy sex dream, message me at info@inyourdreamsbooks.com and enter my dream of the month contest by sharing your dream with me. If your dream is selected, you will get a complimentary interpretation from me. I invite you to like and share my Facebook page “In Your Dreams by Laura Suzanne”.  My first book in a three part series comes out 8/25 on Amazon. It is called “Your Dreams of Sex, Love and Romance and What They Mean” by Laura Suzanne. You will find lots of information about sex dreams there!