Posting this blog entry a little later than I had expected and I will blame it on good ole Mercury Retrograde.     I hope that like myself you have already done your taxes and are making progress on your spring cleaning.   “Tis the season to file and purge.  Tax  season is over for some, and for those who had to file extensions, the nightmare is just beginning. My taxes were a breeze, however, my spring cleaning has been horrific. I had a rough year and keeping things organized was not a priority for a time.     It was getting to the point where my closet was a death trap and I knew I had hit rock bottom when I could not find a much needed document in my office.    I tore my place apart looking for it only to find that it was in a drawer with too many papers piled on top of it.  I am determined to get things under control and keep them that way!  The stress of clutter was getting to be too much and it was showing up in my dreams.  I knew I had to do something and fast as I was not even getting a reprieve when I was sleeping!

Do you dream about bills piling up or the tax collector chasing you?  Are your dreams about a never ending pile of laundry, garbage, dirty dishes or not being able to find something in the messiness that you live in?  Have you found things in the trash in a dream that you fear losing like a baby or pet or discovered treasures like money or jewels?

Your feelings about taxes and finding or losing money can be better understood by reading my book “Decoding Your Dreams of Money Luck and Success”.  I hope that you are keeping a dream journal.  If you do not have one, you can visit my site and print out my free online journal which is my gift to you.

Just as it is important to stay on top of clutter and file your taxes on time, it is paramount to record your dreams in a journal if you want to remember them and get the most from them.  It is also a good idea to go review your dream journal every quarter and do a summary to see what recurrent themes are showing up.  Much like we need to take inventory of our finances and clean out our closets, we need to  keep track of and pay attention to the messages in our dreams.