Was one of your New Year’s Resolutions to restrict your calories, avoid certain foods or go on a diet?   If so, you may find yourself dreaming of food now more than ever.   Even if you are not watching what you eat, food dreams can be so interesting.   Notice what foods you crave in your waking life vs. your dream life.  Are they the same?  Do you dream of foods that you like or dislike most?  How is the food presented or offered?  A bowl of fresh fruit might indicate good health or a cornucopia, for example.  What if someone were to hand you a shiny red apple but upon closer inspection you noticed it was rotten?  What would you think of that person?  Would you trust them?  A piece of  chocolate cake might represent decadence or indulgence, but what if you don’t like cake or chocolate?

To dream of a certain food or drink may be indicative of a nutrient deficiency. If you keep dreaming of red meat, you may be low in iron.   An orange tree might be a sign that you need more Vitamin C.   I was hungover and woke up from dreaming about a stream of fresh water and a huge pitcher or orange juice.   I think that one was pretty self explanatory!

Some foods have meanings from biblical stories such as the apple that Eve presented to Adam.  Another example would be when Jesus turned water into wine and multiplied a fish and three loaves of bread to feed a large crowd.   What about a pumpkin, a lemon,  carrot or pickle ?  There are literal interpretations for those as well such as “when life hands you a lemon” ” dangling the carrot” or “in a pickle”.   What is always paramount, however,  is your own take on what appears in your dream.  Just some food for thought, no pun intended.  🙂