Tis the season for New Year’s Resolutions to be made and gyms to be packed…at least for the first two weeks of the year , anyway!  I would like to talk about exercising so much that it haunts you in your dreams.   Have you experienced this yet?  If  you have just recently started a new workout routine or resumed an old one, you may find that your workouts carry over to your dreaming time.  I recall once having a dream where I was doing chest flies for several  hours using 5lb weights.   My personal trainer told me that she and many of her clients often had these dreams.   I would imagine that those who are training for a marathon are likely to dream about running.  Swimmers dream about swimming.  Boxers dream about boxing, etc.   Those are very literal dreams and your subconscious mind’s way of releasing the events and energy of the previous day.   This would be tantamount to  dreaming of TPS reports if you were Peter, the character from Office Space having a work dream.

So what happens if you are a couch potato and you have work out dreams?  This could mean that you need to get more exercise or you are seeing future forms of exercise that you might soon embark on.   Running in a dream would have a different meaning for someone that does not own a pair of running shoes than it would for someone who is an avid runner.  The same would be true for hiking, swimming, skating, skiing, etc.  If this is not a form of exercise that you are currently doing or want to do, then take a closer look at the activity you are engaging in  to determine its meaning.  I can help you if you get stuck.   🙂