Nightmares and scary dreams.  We all have them. While they may be terrifying and you feel relieved upon awakening from them, they can become your best friend. How is this possible when they are so traumatic at the time?   The answer to that is very simple my fellow dreamer.  EVERY. SINGLE. DREAM. that you have is here to serve as your guide to greater awareness and this includes your nightmares and scary dreams.  Your dream is showing you something that you are running from or not aware of and seeks only to help you.  Would you like to know more about what it means to see a monster, demon, snakes or spiders in your dreams?  What about clowns, mobsters and knife wielding maniacs?  You can do one of two things but hopefully you will do both!  You can visit my website,  look around and schedule an appointment with me.  You can also wait for book 2 in the series called “Welcome to Your Nightmares: Your Guide to Finding The Meaning of Monsters, Demons. Snakes, Spiders and Just Plain Scary Dreams.  Book 2 will be released just in time for Halloween.  If you have any questions message me at  -Laura Suzanne